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    The new J series Knifeholders enclose all those features  which permits to have high performance with a simple and innovative product. Thanks to its new design, its robustness and its solidity, with the new J Series you can reach high cutting speed, also for most tenacious materials and hight work speed. 

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  • Pneumatic knifeholder J1-19

    Compact shear cut knifeholder, min width 20mm

  • Pneumatic knifeholder J2-40C

    full optional with double rail, min witdth 40mm. Suitable for medium performance

  • Pneumatic knifeholder J3H-75C

    full optional with double rail, min witdth 75mm. Suitable for high performance

  • Pneumatic knifeholders J3L-48C

    full optional width double rail, min width 50mm. Sutable for hight performance

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