The patented TRV-type cutting module allows for the positioning and adjusment of cutting sizes without needing to stop the system and the material. This system is practical as it allows you to change the cutting format without interrupting production.

Cutting size management takes place solely from the outer extremities of the machine. The operator can move the blades by means of a small handwheel, either individually or in unison so as to be in line with the material.

This solution offers the following benefits:

format changing without stopping the material

safe use of the machine

a hand wheel to move up to 30 knife units

reduction of waste and downtime for setting up the facility

Operators are assisted and can work to the best of their ability in order to reduce errors and damage to the blades.
This solution can be applied to both new and old machinery, and is ideal for plants where stopping production would be difficult and dangerous.


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