Reduced setting time
Increased production
Reduce cost
Safer working.

Our edge trim and central cut / multiple cut solution facilitates the safe, quick and easy setting and adjustment of material cut width without the need to stop slitting or stop the production machine. This reduces machine downtime and therefore increases profitability, safely.
Our edge trim, central cut and multiple cut systems can be fitted to new machinery and also retrofitted to existing machinery and are ideal for machines where stopping production would be difficult and dangerous. Reduced material waste and downtime because the process can continue and improved safety as the operator does not have to set the top and bottom knives for every order changed is a major advantage of this system.
The facility to add additional slitting positions makes this system very versatile.

Suitable for cutting any type of flexible material.

Ideal for continuous processes such as: Extruders, printing machines, laminators, coaters, etc.

We provide 100% turnkey solutions from initial site visit and system specification through manufacture to installation, commissioning and training.

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