FAST-MAN facilitates the QUICK MANUAL CHANGE of slit width formats. The machine must be momentarily stopped and no material should be present in the cutting area as during slit width change the top and bottom knife assemblies are temporarily liked.
It is an ideal solution for new rewinders or for retrofit to existing machines. FAST-MAN is the best manually positioned solution to greatly reduce format-changing times.
It is especially suitable for high speed rewinders thanks to the presence of control units and independent motors.
For slow working speeds all bottom knives can be driven by a single expandable shaft and a single drive motor.
What is FAST-MAN?

  • It provides fast manual changing of slit width formats; both the top knife unit and the bottom knife are moved together as 1 linked knife group unit.
  • It is fast, the only thing the operator has to do is position the knife group to the desired position.
  • It saves time - it only takes 2-3 minutes to position 20 cutting units.
  • High performance - thanks to the independent motors the system can operate at high speeds.
  • Versatility- minimum cut width of 50mm.
  • Flexibility – FAST-Man can be upgraded to an automatically positioned system.

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